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Battery Separator

Our professional   AGM battery fiber glass separator factory was founded at Shaoguan in 2010. There are two Battery feber glass separator production lines here.    
Battery fiber glass separator production capacity: 120ton/month

The AGM separator has good acid resistance, equal thickness, high volume porosity, enough tensile strengthen both in machine direction and cross direction, good compression ability to ensure the high plate group pressure, and good insulative ability etc. It can absorb enough electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free passing to react, prevent the active materials from falling off, slow the creation of lead crystal, and reduce the loss of electrolyte in charge & loss maintenance, it is also has a long using life. 

AGM separator for VRLA / SLA storage battery (MAINTENANCE FREE type) thickness from 0.4mm to 3.0mm & AGM Glass Mat Separator For flooded / vented lead acid storage batteries (starter type) thickness from 0.8mm to 2.5mm.

      Big size battery separator(NP-1)                                        Middle size battery separator(NP-2) 

    Small  size battery separator(NP-3)                                  Horizon lead acid battery separator(NP-4)

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